Game Zones


A paintball game zone is a themed field where you will battle it out in order to achieve victory. Delta Force Paintball Newcastle has several highly immersive game zones to battle on. Below are our greatest fields we have on offer in Newcastle. From vast desert landscapes to recreating a war film, and dense jungle war zones, we can assure you an exciting time at our centre. You won’t forget it.


Tomb Raider – Game Zones

  • A huge stone pyramid lies in the dense forest. It has been undisturbed for centuries. Until now. Inside the ancient pyramid is an idol, a holy grail for treasure hunters across the globe. This ancient idol is precious, not just because of its material value, but because of the power within. The idol’s powers can be used for evil, and it’s your mission to save the idol from falling into the wrong hands. Secure the ancient idol from the tomb before the enemy reaches you!

Tropic Thunder – Game Zones

  • Imagine yourself as a movie star with a bunch of friends that make up the very best actors in Hollywood (or so you think)! You and your crew are sent to Southeast Asia to make the next multi-million dollar blockbuster r- a Vietnam War film. Your crew is dropped into the middle of a wild jungle, left to fend for yourselves. Will you survive and beat off the hostile villagers, or will you fall victim to the rebel forces?

Resident Evil – Game Zones

  • A forest sets the scene for your fateful mission. In the belly of the dark forest lies a crypt. It’s well known in these parts, the treasure within is priceless. The locals tell tales of the zombies that protect the crypt, and the treasures hidden within. Will you be brave, and fight off the zombies to claim the artefacts, or will you and your group of treature hunters perish at the hands of the zombies?

Speedball – Game Zones

  • Your city is under attack. Lockdown has commenced. The Special Forces are guarding the remaining fuel reserves, as threats from the terrorists escalate. Your mission: Set up and maintain a perimeter around the remaining fuel reserves. You must maintain a strong guard against any enemy attacks on the only valuable resource you have left.

D-Day Landing- Game Zones

  • The Invasion is on!

    The date is the 6th of June, 1944. You and your squadron have been loaded onto the landing craft. This beast has been specifically designed to transport troops and machinery into a warzone. The foreign territory has been occupied too long, the time to reclaim the land is now!

    Your platoon of marines are thrown into the action head on. Months, even years of planning will go out the window if the enemy spots your platoon before the door ramps drop. Your mission: Flank the enemy, who are hiding in their protective bunkers. Destroy the enemy, and any chance they have to see the other platoons landing.