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WW2, June, 1944 and the largest amphibious invasion in war-time history begins.

Known as the D-Day Landing, the liberation of western Europe begins right here on the beaches of France as over 130,000 allied troops swarm the beach heads. This number will grow to over 1 million soldiers and in a few short months the axis forces will be pushed out and defeated in one of the most well known and prominent campaigns of this or any other war.

You, and your platoon of US Marines are among the first ashore for the D-Day landing and made it to the beach head. You then moved on to a rendezvous a few short kilometres inland. Establishing a safe zone around the beach landings is vital for the initial stages of the invasion. The Enemy forces are dug in and waiting. It’s your mission to clear the area of enemy troops and take command of this critical location in order to establish a base.

Game Zones

Bucks days at Delta Force Paintball

A bucks day he’ll never forget.

It’s almost your mate’s special day.

He’s gonna tie the knot soon.

What to bring to paintball
Delta Force Paintball

And you’re the man who is meant to plan the best send off possible.

What better way to send your stag off than to dress him up and send him out with a paintball gun and a few of his best mates?

Paintball is the perfect activity to get the boys geared up for a night of dubious choices and some stories you’d rather forget.

Delta Force Paintball

Here’s how a session at Delta Force Paintball looks for a bucks party.

You can book by calling one of our event coordinators at any time of the session. They are available and will help you plan everything to give your stag the best send off possible.

On the session you’ll arrive and get kitted up by our marshals. Here’s the chance to get you stag all dressed up in one of our Onesies, or you could all wear your own costumes. We recommend you all buy a group pack (you don’t want to run out of paintballs when the stag is on the loose!). Don’t forget to let the marshals know who the guest of honour is; they’ll give him some special treatment!

Delta Force Paintball

From here you’ll have a safety briefing, and then it’s time for battle!

Of course you’ll have breaks in between games, where you can rehydrate (sorry, no alcohol), and refuel for the next match. You can order pizzas for the group for lunch, or bring your own food. We recommend bringing plenty of water; you don’t want the stag getting dehydrated!

Your action packed session will see your squad battle it out in pyramids, black hawk helicopters and sniper towers, and will be a session the stag will never forget.

Delta Force Paintball
  • Paintball lingo for beginners

    paintballs Paintball is a pretty awesome game. The combo of friends and real life strategy games make for a pretty epic day out, but it sucks when it’s your first time and you’re not prepared. I’ve put together a little lingo-list that will help you understand everything paintball related, in under five minutes!


    Okay, this is kinda obvious, but it had to be on this list! These little nuggets of glory are our special gelatine covered capsules filled with nontoxic, biodegradable and water soluble paint. These are the victory earners, so they’re your best friend!


    This is the safe term for paintball gun. These bad boys will spray a shower of paintballs all over your enemy!


    These are round plastic containers that hold your paintballs, and feed them through to your paintball gun. Hoppers can hold around 150-200 paintballs. scottynige_player3

    Battle Pack

    Custom built, waist mounted paintball carrier. These packs can fit up to four ‘pods’ which carry 100 paintballs each, enabling the warrior to carry an extra 400 paintballs into battle.

    Combat suit

    These beautiful pieces of clothing are a bit like padded overalls, and will protect paintball warriors from the impact of the paintball bullets.

     Game ZoneDelta Force Paintball Appin Tropic Thunder

    This is where the battles take place. Each zone will have a different game scenario and theme, and can include some awesome props including double decker buses, fortresses and pyramids.


    A place, object or embankment on the field that players use for cover. Examples include artificial gravestones, steel barrels or even London buses!

    Base Camp

    This is where you’ll reconvene after a game. The Base Camp is decked out with facilities such as toilets, a shop to buy extra ammo or some provisions, and tables to relax on before your next mission. Appin-Movie-Location12
  • Delta Force Proud to Present Flagship Newcastle Centre.

    The Hunter Region has long been a target for a new Delta Force location that has now materialised. The Construction Team has been hard at work through record heat in January and record rain in March. Under trying conditions they have produced a spectacular paintball arena to bring out your inner Rambo. A custom-designed base camp accompanies five exciting Game Zones. For the first time in Australia D-Day Landing will be available at the Newcastle Centre. Set in ideal terrain, teams will charge out of the barges on the beach and work their way to claim the bunker. This fresh and adrenaline-pumping game zone is not to be missed. Delta Force signature Game Zones are also showcased including Tomb Raider with the 30ft stone pyramid; Resident Evil, Tropic Thunder and crowd favorite Speedball. It’s no wonder the number of Delta Force raving fans are growing by the day around the world.

    The much-anticipated Grand Opening will be on April 22, 2017 with places already filling fast. Call our friendly Event Coordinators on [phone_number] to book now.

     Book Now Or Call 1300 422 989

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